DesignaKnit USB Cables

DesignaKnit communicates with your knitting machine via a cable between your computer and the knitting machine. Soft Byte developed during the development of DesignaKnit also a set of cables to connect your computer to your knitting machine. These cables use a serial port of your computer.

The Silverlink 4 provides both serial and USB connectivity.
All other cables are only available in the serial variant. In order to attach a serial cable to a USB port, you currently need a qualified USB to serial converter.

We have developed a set of cables that interfaces directly to a USB port without the need of an additional USB to serial converter. The cables have the same functionality as the Brotherlink cables with the same number. The difference (apart from a complete new design) is that you no longer need a serial port on your PC. You now hook up your knitting machine to your PC via USB.

Brotherlink USB

DesignaKnit Versions
DesignaKnit 6 (6.11 and above)DesignaKnit 7 (7.14 and above)

16/32 bit Operating Systems
Windows 98Windows MEWindows 2000Windows XPWindows 2003Windows VistaWindows 2008Windows 7
64 bit Operating Systems (*)
Windows XP x64Windows 2003 x64Windows Vista x64Windows 2008 x64Windows 7 x64Windows 2008 R2 x64
* DesignaKnit doesn't run (yet) on 64 bit operating systems.

PC ConnectivityPower
Series A USB connectorDerived from USB

LED GreenPC sends data to the knitting machine
LED RedKnitting machine or IK option sends data to the PC

Brother PDF File
Passap/Pfaff PDF File
Test Program Page
Application Notes Page

Available Cables
ProductDescription Knitting machines
BL1USBBrotherlink 1 USB KH940, KH950i, PPD(KH900,CK35)
BL3USBBrotherlink 3 USB PPD (except BL1USB)
BL5USBBrotherlink 5 USB KH970, KH965i, KH930
BL6USBBrotherlink 6 USB BL3USB+IK
BL7USBBrotherlink 7 USB FB100
CartridgeUSB stitch pattern cartridge KH900, KH965, HK970, KH270, CK35
EL1USBE6000Link 1 USB Passap/Pfaff E6000
SLUSBScreenlink USB punch card & non-electronic machines

Below you find a table that provides cable options per knitting machine.
Please consult the table to work out which USB cable is appropriate for your knitting machine.

Machines and USB cable options
BrotherUSB CableUploadDownloadInteractive KnittingSerial CableKnitKing
KH900CartridgeCartUtilCartUtilYes, IK option required CompuKnit ST
KH930BL5USBYesYesYesBL5CompuKnit III
KH940BL1USBYesYesYesBL1CompuKnit IV
KH965CartridgeCartUtilCartUtilYes, IK option requiredBL4CompuKnit V
KH965iBL5USBYesYesYesBL2 or BL5CompuKnit V cx
 CartridgeCartUtilCartUtilYes, IK option requiredBL4 
KH970BL5USBYesYesYesBL5CompuKnit V Star
 CartridgeCartUtilCartUtilYes, IK option required  
KH270CartridgeCartUtilCartUtilYes, IK option requiredBL4 
CK35CartridgeCartUtilCartUtilYes, IK option required  
FB100BL7USBFB100 UtilityFB100 UtilityNo  
** enables you to knit model only

Users, who have a knitting machine and want to use the PPD too, have on top of the table above, also the options in the table below.
Please consult the table below to work out which USB cable is appropriate for your knitting machine + PPD.

Machines + PPD and USB Cable options
BrotherUSB CableUploadDownloadInteractive KnittingSerial CableKnitKing
KH900BL5USBYesYesYesBL1+SLCompuKnit ST
KH910NA    CompuKnit II
KH930BL3USBYesYesNoBL3CompuKnit III
KH940BL3USBYesYesNoBL3CompuKnit IV
KH965BL3USBYesYesNoBL3CompuKnit V
KH965iBL3USBYesYesNoBL3CompuKnit V cx
KH970 (*)BL3USBYesYesNoBL3CompuKnit V Star
* In KH940 mode

Upload: transfer patterns from the knitting machine to your PC
Download: transfer patterns from your PC to the knitting machine
IK: DesignaKnit Interactive Knitting
CartUtil: driver program for Cartridge